Patient Reviews

Great staff. Really professional and work like a team. Dr. Hayes spends time to explain the diagnosis and treatment procedure. Works effectively with TMC Wound Center. Both Dr. Hayes and Dr. Alexander attacked the developing leg ulcers. Left leg perfectly healed. Right leg was a mess but now is very close to being in great shape. Great specialized medical care. Thank you for caring attitudes
I had vein surgery and was having restless leg syndrome and swollen ankles. After surgery, all of the above symptoms were gone and i have had no problems since. Thanks to Dr Hayes and his staff for doing a wonderful job. Highly recommend him.
Kelsie is the most caring professional and truly the heart of this practice. Dr Hayes and rest of staff are all 5-star too. She genuinely focuses on the patients needs and does all she can to support all their patients and Dr Hayes. They and especially Kelsie are there to help in any and every way they can not just bill someone's insurance. They (esp Kelsie) are the real deal.
Dr. Hayes and his staff was amazing. The moment I walked in for my first visit they just took me right in and treated me like family. The doctor and his staff were very thorough about everything, they answered every question I had in my terms not big doctor terms and that made me feel very confident in the doctor and his staff. There just are not very many doctors like him left. I want to personally thank Dr. Hayes and his staff.
Dr. Hayes has obviously trained his staff with the knowledge and professional expertise to handle most any question, or to skillfully and appropriately defer when necessary. The team he has built is a reflection of his fervent desire to give the highest quality care and the best possible experience available in healthcare. I challenged him twice, convinced that my inflammation was a result of residual infection lurking from an old injury that got badly infected. He responded appropriately by referring me to infectious disease experts to investigate further. He was right...but he respected my theory and concerns and knew I needed a second opinion to alleviate my fears. He is a master at his prima donna stuff to deal with!!
I was referred to The Vein Center and Dr. Hayes by several people. From my first contact until my last check-up I have been so impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of this team. I was treated for Venous Insufficiency and am pleased with the results. Dr. Hayes is compassionate, reassuring and caring as is his entire staff. I was worried about pain involved and can honestly say that the pain was nothing. The Vein Center is Great!
I recently have had the newest vein procedure done with Dr. Hayes and his staff, I had absolutely the greatest experience, no bruising, no swelling, I was up and going the next day vacuuming my home and no pain what so ever! Everyone from check in to his PA., all his Nurses are so kind and caring. I highly recommend the Endovenous thermal ablation of the saphenous vein. Doing hair for 25 years takes a toll but Dr. Clint Hayes made my legs look and feel great! Thanks to everyone at the Vein Center of North Texas!!
I went to several doctors and even had a complex blood work up done for my swollen and sapping of liquid from my legs, without getting a diagnosis or referral. I went to Dr. Hayes who immediately properly identified the problem and promised to help my legs to become normal as long as I worked to that goal. Today, my legs are normal, thanks to Dr.Hayes and his staff.
Everything has been great and my experience has been un forgetful. Everyone is super nice and show that they care. Dr. Hayes was very amazing and friendly, and made me super comfortable with the procedure experience. He made me feel like I could trust him and made me feel less scare about the whole procedure. I would definitely recommend him and his staff.
Dr Hayes was very down to earth and seemed very considerate with my medical concerns. He and the staff were very professional and worked so well together. Would definitely recommend Dr Hayes to anyone having leg problems.
As an emergency physician, I am on my feet quite a bit. My legs began swelling and feeling very heavy. I decided to get my varicose veins surgically treated. It has made a big difference. I no longer get any swelling, and they no longer feel tired and heavy. I am happy I chose to have this done.