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VNUS Closure®

VNUS Closure® is a revolutionary new technique that has virtually replaced the traditional “ligation and stripping” operations practiced in years past. This highly-effective FDA-approved procedure has been used on thousands of patients over the last several years in the U.S. and around the world with excellent results.

VNUS Closure® is an outpatient procedure performed under ultrasound guidance by placing the VNUS RadioFrequency (RF) catheter into the diseased vein and advancing it to the uppermost segment of the vein. The RF generator is then activated and the catheter is pulled back, slowly heating the vein from inside. The radiofrequency energy destroys the vein lining and causes the vein to shrink and seal shut.

After the procedure, the narrowed vein gradually becomes fibrous and eventually dissolves. Flow is naturally redirected to the healthy remaining veins, restoring normal circulation. Unlike stripping operations, this outpatient treatment requires no sutures. It is quick, relatively painless, and offers superior results. The procedure is performed in the Vein Center or in the hospital under local anesthetic with or without sedation.

When the treatment is completed, ACE wraps are applied and worn for three days to assist in the resolution of the veins. A follow-up ultrasound is performed within a few days. We then replace the ACE wraps with light compression stockings for approximately two weeks. Patients generally return to normal activity within two or three days.

VNUS Closure® offers many benefits over vein stripping:

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