Restless Legs Syndrome


Glossary of Terms

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PLM - Periodic Limb Movement(s) - highly stereotyped repetitive periodic limb movements that occur maximally during NREM sleep, but are not necessarily restricted to the sleep state.

PLMAI - Periodic Limb Movement Arousal Index - Number of PLMS per hour of sleep associated wit an arousal on polysomnography. If enumerated, one or more such movements are PLMA and their sum can be abbreviated as #PLMA.

PLMD - Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - A medical disorder with symptoms. Usually requires documentation of some minimum number or frequency of PLM plus some related clinical complaint such as daytime sleepiness.

PLMI - Periodic Limb Movement Index - Number of PLM per hour. Usually refers to number of PLMS per hour of sleep for a whole night’s sleep or part of it (e.g. the first third of a night, the sleep period when PLMS in RLS are concentrated).

PLMS - Periodic Limb Movement(s) in Sleep - One or more PLM occurring in sleep. Usually used as the plural, to refer to all of such movements restricted to sleep which occur during a night’s studyor to the condition of having such movements, generally (e.g.”The patient has PLMS”). Most studies of PLM record only PLMS.

PLMW - Periodic Limb Movement(s) in Wake- one or more movements which meet the criteria for relatively stereotyped repetitive periodic movements that occur during wake.

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Restless Legs Syndrome - What’s in a Name? “Restless Legs Syndrome” is the name given to the tormenting condition by Swedish neurologist Karl-Axel Ekbom in 1944. It is an accurate scientific description in that the cardinal sign and symptom is Legs that are Restless, and it is a Syndrome in that it is caused by many underlying disorders.

Restless Legs Syndrome is also an unfortunate name, in that it fails to command the proper respect that the condition deserves. This has sometimes led to trivialization and even derision of an altogether merciless illness. Other diseases such as gingivitis or halitosis sound much more disagreeable, but are easily remedied with a toothbrush. If we could find a more ominous name, this truly wretched condition might inspire more compassion for those afflicted by it.


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