Lipedema is a condition that causes excess fat to develop along the lower part of the body. Despite this condition’s similarity to obesity, this form of fat accumulation tends not to be affected by exercise. While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, lipedema can cause problems with the veins and lymphatic pathways, leading to pain, immobility, and eventually lead to lymphedema. At Vein Center of North Texas, we can provide treatment methods that help reduce swelling and pain caused by this condition and provide you with the best options for a more mobile and healthy life.

What is Lipedema?

Lipedema specifically occurs along the lower part of the body, specifically the buttocks, thighs, and calves. One notable aspect of this condition is that it does not affect the hands and feet, and it’s believed that this condition runs in families and could have genetic causes. This condition most often occurs in women and usually gets worse during times of puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. When dealing the effects of this condition, it also impacts the lymphatic and venous circulation systems, which can have massive repercussions.

For those with lipedema, it’s more common to find venous disorders like venous hypertension present. Venous disorders can impact the body and cause excessive lymph production, leading to an overloaded lymphatic circulation. When both of these systems are affected by disorders, it causes negative effects on the lymph fluid responsible for maintaining our lymphatic system, causing lipedema alongside other conditions such as venous insufficiency and lymphedema.

Our Treatment Options For Lipedema

For patients with lipedema and other chronic vein conditions, our practice can provide a number of treatment options, including invasive and non-invasive, to help relieve pain and swelling caused by lipedema. These treatments can be used for both early and advanced stages of lipedema.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Manual lymphatic drainage allows our physicians to reduce the amount of fluid swelling by manually working with the lymphatic systems through gentle massage techniques.
  • Compression Therapy: Compression therapy works with compression garments to help prevent lymph fluid buildup and swelling caused by lipedema.
  • Hormone Therapy: For those who have hormonal issues and lipedema. Hormone therapy may be combined alongside other treatment options to manage this condition better.
  • Tumescent liposuction: This type of plastic surgery can be performed to reduce swelling caused by lymph fluid production. Through an injected solution and surgical technique, it works to remove excess fat and prevent the onset of lipedema for an average of five years.
  • Reductive Surgery: Reductive surgery focuses on removing large deposits of fatty tissue and excess skin caused by lipedema.

These surgeries and non-invasive therapies are helpful to those who have both early and advanced stages of lipedema. Despite how prominent this condition can be, our practice can provide effective means for treating your condition and relieving your symptoms for a better quality of life. To learn more about our available treatments for lipedema, please schedule an appointment with our physicians at Vein Center of North Texas today for more information.