About Venous Disease


Your Diagnosis

In most cases, the cause of a patient’s venous disease can be determined by a single medical history and physical examination as well as thorough evaluation using non-invasive modalities. The key to effective treatment of venous disorders is accurate diagnosis. In keeping with the Vein Center’s goal of providing the latest treatments, our facility also maintains the highest standards in diagnostic technology.

A comprehensive Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory is on site and staffed by a Registered Vascular Technologist. The Veinlite by Translite allows visualization of deeper subcutaneous veins. The Continuous Wave Doppler shows relative flow velocities in arteries and veins. The Venous Duplex Scan evaluates the deep and superficial veins in the leg, and locates the refluxing valves and diseased veins; thus creating a "road map" of the veins requiring attention. This meticulous evaluation allows Dr. Hayes to formulate an individualized plan for the best course of treatment.

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